About us

Migrants Contribute is a campaign that seeks a more truthful portrayal of migrants by stopping the escalating demonisation of migrants in media and political speeches, in order to foster a fairer debate about migration towards the General Elections.

Change Makers sessions


The UK is witnessing a growing demonisation of migrants (negative and false portrayal of migrants’ impact on the UK economy and social life) both in political and media discourse. This is taking place in a context of progressive limitation of migrants’ rights and changes in immigration policy that directly affect migrants living in the UK.

Due to lack of public awareness about the real and diverse ways in which migrants contribute to the UK through work, culture, political and social participation, politicians and parties are keen to fall into these harmful narratives in order to gain votes, encouraging a hostile response to migrants.

LAWRS at TUC on Migrants Contribute
Our Vision is to live in a society that acknowledges the economic, cultural, political and social contributions that migrants make to the UK, and values the richness brought by diversity.


  • Challenging political leaders and parties who deliberately play on people’s fears and anxieties about recession and austerity to blame these problems on ‘foreigners’
  • Getting media to present the real lives of migrants and the real contribution we make
  • Building a network of organisations making up/supporting Migrants Contribute led by a Steering Group.
  • Skilling up Change-makers so that they can challenge negative narratives themselves
  • Mobilising migrant communities in order to increase civic participation and encourage active involvement in the immigration debate
  • Raising awareness among general public about the many ways in which migrants contribute to the UK and about the importance of keeping the debate fair.