Our Manifesto

Want to know what Migrants Contribute is all about? Read our Manifesto and join the campaign!


This is a manifesto from some of the voices inside Britain’s seven million strong migrant communities.Every day for many months past we have been the subject of commentary in the media and the politicians on the ‘problem’ we are supposed to present to British society.

We want to ask if this is not just a way of deflecting discussion away from the real challenges to our common futures caused by the powerful groups who run government and the economy and blaming their failings on a minority migrant population which is itself struggling to live with the consequences of their mistakes?

Over the next 12 months, leading to the General Election voting day in May 2015, we intend to put the case that migrants are not the problem, but are instead a part of the battle to build a better future for everyone.

As you will see from the campaign material that accompanies this manifesto Migrants Contribute! much to society and should not be viewed as though they were just cogs in the globalised economy which seems to drive everything in Britain. We contribute as human beings in our own right and trying hard to make a success of living these early years of our 21st century world

We promise that you will hear our voices over the next 12 months as we speak out about how to generate more jobs, which will provide a decent standard of life for everyone.

We will explain how, like you, we want more and better housing for all so that everyone is able to live in a safe, affordable and comfortable home.

You will find out how migrant parents are working with teachers all over the country to improve schools for all our children and ensure they have the best start in life.

And you will hear more about the strength of our contribution to building a better National Health Service, which so many migrants have already dedicatedthemselves to as doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff.

Migrants Contribute! because we know we are building a better and fuller life for us all. What Migrants Contribute! is amazing!

As well as the skills and talents we bring as individuals, we are also feeding our cultures into the mainstream of British life with our music, our dance, the storiesof our lives, our poetry, our paintings and photographs, the insights from our religions and philosophies, our love of football, cricket and the joy of being able torun as fast and leap as far as anyone in the world.

At the end of the next 12 months you will know that what Migrants Contribute! is amazing!

We are sure that you, like us, are glad to be living in a Britain where our contribution works for the benefit of us all!

Would you like to endorse our manifesto and become a supporter of MigrantsContribute! ? Email us at [email protected] to show your support or ask for more information!